PMVA & Conflict Management

Hi Guys I have just completed a x2 days PMVA& Conflict Management course for a very large establishment in the private sector, the course ran very well and the Delegates (some very experienced in PMVA) were fantastic, which made the x2 days fun and exciting. On completion i was approached by Mandy M a delegate…

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Ignorant Door Staff and Ladies Self Defence

I was recently out with friends one evening and after a loverly meal we decided to visit a club, which isn’t something I do normally, but as we were all having fun I decided to go along with the idea. As the evening was drawing to a close I went outside to phone my son who…

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Teaching Conflict Management – Why I Love It

Teacing Conflict Management and Why I Love It Hi Guys Today I was teaching conflict management and I loved it! The delegates were great and they really engaged with the training and soon realised how easy of Conflict Management can be when it is explained in an easy to digest and understandable way. During the session,…

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Conflict Management

Conflict Management Training

Vicarious Liability and The Benefits of Conflict Management Training Conflict Management Training – How it can reduce your organisations vicarious liability. You may have recently heard about about the new ‘Vicarious Liability’ test, which has been extended by the Supreme Course. In one of the cases Mohamud v WM Morrison Supermarkets Plc, the company was…

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Restraint Related Death

Inquest to decide if police restraint contributed to hospital patient’s death In another restraint related death, the decision to handcuff a seriously ill and confused hospital patient is to come under scrutiny, as an inquest jury retires to consider the extent to which the restraint contributed to the 57-year-old’s death. Philmore Mills died minutes after…

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Welcome to My Blog

Welcome To My Blog

Hi Everyone Sandra here and I’d like to welcome you to my blog. Over the coming weeks and months I’ll be regularly blogging to update you with what’s happening in my world and possibly even in yours too if you are interested in personal safety, breakaway, physical intervention and conflict management. There has been a…

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